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Volunteer Opportunities

An experienced Tour Escort leads all Able Trek Tours’ vacations. Other staff members are volunteers. Our volunteer chaperones are assigned to a group of three to four Travelers. With the assistance of the Tour Leader, chaperones provide supervision to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for each Traveler. In exchange, our volunteer support staff travel at no fee and receive meal money for any "self pay" meal on the tour.  This is not to be seen as a free vacation, but rather a working vacation.  Our volunteer chaperones provide the traveler's in their care 24/7  support and supervision.

If you or someone you know would enjoy supporting our Travelers as they break down travel barriers and expand their horizons, please contact us to learn more.

Special Needs travelers and their staff at Mount Rushmore

Attn: Group home staff, caregivers, case managers, etc.  If you sign three or more people up for a trip, you may accompany your clients as their support staff/chaperone. Contact Able Trek Tours for more information.