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One-Day Trip Application

We appreciate your interest in vacationing with Able Trek Tours on a ONE-DAY tour.  In order for our staff to become as familiar as possible with Travelers we require the following paperwork be completed and returned at least 45 days prior to the trip:  TRAVELER APPLICATION and WAIVER.

Click on the following links and print these 2 documents. Please fill them out and send them back to us via mail, email or fax.

If you don’t have a printer available, we can send you these documents in the mail.

To firmly secure a spot on a ONE-DAY trip(s) payment in full is required with in three weeks of signing up.  We strongly suggest you contact  Able Trek Tours via email or phone to make sure spots are still available on the trip(s) you are interested in. The paperwork (see links above) should also be sent as soon as possible, however we realize getting signatures may take some extra time.  All paperwork should be returned to Able Trek Tours as soon as possible but no less than 45 days prior to the trip.  For bookkeeping purposes indicate the trip title (eg. Trains & Ducks) and the Traveler’s name on all payments and correspondence.   Refund/cancellation policies can be found here.

Our one-day tours differ slightly from our overnight vacations in the following ways:

  • Staff to Traveler ratio will be approximately 1:4.
  • Reservations must be made at least 30 days prior to the trip date.
  • Typical itineraries will have departures in early to mid-morning and returns in the evening (normally no later than 9:30 pm).
  • No T-shirts, hats or group photos are included in the price. Able Trek T-shirts and hats can be purchased for an additional $8.00 each.  Please let us know in advance of the trip if you wish to purchase a hat or T-shirt.

Although insurance is not required to attend a vacation, we recommend that Travelers consider purchasing Travel/Cancellation Insurance. Click here for more information about Insurance

Although not necessary for our one-day tours, if the Traveler has a physical from a summer camp, agency, Special Olympics, etc. please send us a copy of that form.  Thank you.

If you have not requested or received a FINAL ITINERARY with exact departure and return times you will need to contact Able Trek Tours to request one.

Due to the increased security at many locations we encourage ALL Travelers to secure and bring a state issued photo ID on trips.   A photo ID is a great safety measure.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.  We look forward to seeing you on vacation.