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Special Needs Tours

Who are Able Trek Travelers?

Individuals who need assistance vacationing are encouraged and welcome to travel with Able Trek Tours.  This includes individuals with developmental disabilities, the elderly, individuals with a mental health condition, and others.  Most Travelers are individuals with mild to moderate developmental disabilities.  Travelers must exhibit appropriate social behavior, have no major medical concerns, be at least 18 years old, and display appropriate behavior toward property, themselves and others.  Typical staff to Traveler ratio is 1:3 or 1:4.  If a Traveler requires more assistance and/or supervision we MUST be informed of such needs ahead of time.

Bus Passenger

Trip Fees Include

Staff supervision, transportation from pick-up/drop-off sites, listed attractions, lodging, taxes, a group photo, and many meals are included in the trip fee.  An Able Trek t-shirt or hat is also included with multi-day trips only.  Almost every trip includes breakfast and the evening meal each day.

Travelers Using Wheelchairs

We have accommodations for up to two Travelers who use wheelchairs on most trips.  It is our experience that nearly all Travelers who use a wheelchair require Traveler specific, “specialized” care.  Their caregivers must be both physically capable of and trained in the techniques of transferring and lifting. In addition, most Travelers who utilize wheelchairs have very individual and specific personal care needs – needs that can only be properly met by a caregiver who has experience with that Traveler. In order to properly and safely accommodate Travelers who use wheelchairs, we have adopted the following policy:

  1. Travelers who require mobility related care and/or need any assistance transferring are REQUIRED to provide their own caregiver who is familiar with their cares and needs. Travelers who require assistance transferring (toileting, dressing, bedtime, etc.) are welcome to travel but ONLY accompanied by their own personal caregiver. Able Trek staff are not permitted to lift Travelers or assist with transferring.  This is a non-negotiable policy. Providing inaccurate or incomplete information about a Travelers mobility/transferring needs will result in the Traveler not being allowed to travel and no refund will be available. To help make this policy more affordable, the personal caregiver will travel at ½ the cost. The Traveler will pay the single/ADA rate (see #2 below) and the caregiver’s trip fee will be 50% of that rate.  For example the Galena Balloon Festival  trip (June 16 - 19, 2023) would cost $1,597.50 total for both people ($1,065 X 1.5).   Both the Traveler, who will have an ADA room, and their personal caregiver will have private hotel rooms located next to or very close to each other.   This 50% fee policy applies to virtually all tours with the possible exception of flight and/or international vacations.   Call us for exact prices.

  2. Travelers who require fully accessible lodging accommodations (roll-in shower, wide door entrances, grab bars in bathroom, etc.) are required to pay the “Single/ADA” rate. The reason for this policy is that the vast majority of ADA accessible hotel rooms have only one bed.  Two people are not able to sleep in these rooms and still have their own private beds.   

Traveler Incontinence

We understand that when outside of normal routines and home settings Travelers may have occasional/accidental incontinence. For Travelers that have frequent incontinence or have little or no bowel or bladder control and are not able to self-manage they would be REQUIRED to bring their own home staff.  This policy is to ensure the most qualified person is providing the specialized care required.  To help make this policy more affordable, the personal caregiver will travel at ½ the cost. The Traveler will pay the double rate and the caregiver’s trip fee will be 50% of that rate. 

Our one-day tours differ slightly from our overnight vacations in the following ways:

  1. Day trips require only two pieces of paperwork - Application and Waiver
  2. The full price of the trip MUST accompany the reservation.
  3. Staff to Traveler ratio will be approximately 1:4.
  4. Reservations must be made at least 30 days prior to the trip
  5. Typical itineraries will have pick-ups in early to mid-morning and returns in the evening (normally no later than 9:30 PM).
  6. No T-shirts, hats or group photos are included in the price.  Able Trek T-shirts and hats can be purchased for an additional $10.00 each.  Let us know in advance if you’d like to purchase any item(s) so we have them available. 
  7. Limited departure and return locations.